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Polymer Optical Fibre Cable Duplex (Bundle)

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Polymer Optical Cable Duplex (POF) Duplex; white;

Delivery unit:
20m/30m/40m/50m/70m/100m bundle
incl. 1 POF Cutting Tool

double jacketing, color inside: black, NA: 0.5
outer diameter: 2.2/4.4 mm

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40.58 Fr. tax incl.

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RHEE 4002 - Polymer Optical Fibre Duplex (bundle incl. POF-Unicut)

The Polymer Optical Fibre (POF) is an optical fibre for data transmission with visible red light, which is not harmful for eyes. The cable consists of 2 fibres, one for each direction. The inner black jacket prevents light emitting in the bendings. With a minimum bending radius of 25 mm the cable is easy to install. No splices needed, the system is working with plug connections. Just pay attention for a clean cut, therefore the use of a POF-Unicut cutter is recommended.

Each bundle includes a POF-Unicut cutting tool.

Area of Application:

All components developed by Homefibre transmit information with the standardized Internet Protocol (IP). Main features of a Homefibre network are high performance, high energy efficiency and secure transmission.

Additional Information:

POF cable
number fibres 2 (Duplex)
diameter typ. 2.2mm each fibre
cable weight 7.5g/m
minimum bending radius 25mm
Optical Fibre
core material Polymethyl-Methacrylate Resin
jacket material Fluorinated Polymer, black
outer sheath material Polyethylene, white
mode and index profile Multi Mode with Step index
core diameter typ. 980µm
cladding diameter typ. 1000µm
transmission loss 170dB/km
typ. transmission length 100Mbps: 80m
1Gbps: 50m, with reduced Bit Rate up to 80m
certification IEC 60793-2, A4a.2